Cannot get print started...

Ok i understand the basics of this… but im trying to print a (50 cal) bullet downloaded of thingverse…
when i hit print…the printer goes home like always then makes one hell of a noise… (wine) like it limits out or something then printrun shows this error…

:203.1 E:0 W:?
T:202.6 E:0 W:?
T:202.2 E:0 W:?
T:201.8 E:0 W:?
T:201.4 E:0 W:?
T:200.9 E:0 W:9
T:200.5 E:0 W:8
T:200.0 E:0 W:7
T:199.7 E:0 W:6
T:199.4 E:0 W:5
T:199.0 E:0 W:4
T:198.7 E:0 W:3
T:198.4 E:0 W:2
T:198.1 E:0 W:1

a ton more of them…i just copied a few…

please help me undrstand what im doing wrong…


Your 3D printer is probably trying to cool down from 230 to 200. When a temperature is specified in Slic3r, Pronterface will honor that and not print until that temperature is reached. Your Slic3r profile may have the default 200 degrees in the temperature settings found here: Filament Settings > Filament > Temperature. If so change it to 0. Then save the profile and recut your model.


I had the same thing happen to me the first time I got my printer but I didn’t remember what the trouble was. Glad Orias answered in a timely manner.

I’m getting out to get some sun now and enjoy Canada Day, but I would have preferred to play with my printer. :smiley:

I can’t seem to figure out how to move my parts around on the plate (away from center of the bed). I’m using Slic3r to generate my Gcode, and then loading it in Pronterface. When I try to drag the part around in Slic3r, it just snaps back to the center. If I drag the part so that my cursor moves off the bed, however, it stays.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

In Slic3r, File|Preferences, and uncheck Auto-center parts.

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