Slic3r part position snapping to center

I can’t seem to figure out how to move my parts around on the plate (away from center of the bed). I’m using Slic3r to generate my Gcode, and then loading it in Pronterface. When I try to drag the part around in Slic3r, it just snaps back to the center. If I drag the part so that my cursor moves off the bed, however, it stays.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

That is how Slic3r works. You can’t manually position the parts, which would be a nice feature. You can change the Bed Center XY values though, which is a bit of a workaround.


Repetier Host does allow you to drag the part around. But it seems to snap back halfway to center when you slice it…sometimes. Not all the way back to center, but halfway, so I usually drag it farther than I want, and then it ends up close to where I want it.

One thing you can do is use M206 in the custom G-code area of Slicer. then you can manually adjust the X Y and Z offst of the print. so if you know you want to move it 50mm in X, you can put that in.

I use:

M206 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0; offset home position for fine tuning