Question for Taz / Octoprint Users

A question for anyone running a Taz with Octoprint… Have you ever seen random disconnects from the printer? The printer doesn’t reset and stays at temp but octoprint indicates an error disconnect. Commands are no longer sent to the printer.

I saw this a few months ago and then it just stopped. It has again happened twice in the last couple days. I am going to slap a new USB cable on it tonight to start the troubleshooting process but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this problem.


Not during a print, but I’ve had a few disconnects when starting a print. I don’t recall the exact error message in Octoprint, but it expanded the “Connections” section of the navigation bar as though I wasn’t connected. Pressed “Connect” and was able to start my print.

Random possibility… Static electricity. It’s that time of year in North America where static electricity can rear it’s ugly head. Just the other night my printer kept resetting as I was going back and forth to it for a variety of test prints. It was only after the 5th time that it reset that i noticed the slight static discharge when my skin brushed against the Y rods. I was wearing moccasin house shoes (as funny as that may sound) so static was really building up.

Hope this may explain it for you.


I don’t think it is static because I am not touching the printer or raspPi when the error happens nor does the printer or raspPi / Octoprint actually reset. The error happens and commands are no longer sent to the printer. It is as if you just hit pause except there is a disconnect error displayed in Octoprint.

I will keep hacking away at and post back anything I figure out.