OctoPrint - Movement Speeds

We’ve been using OctoPrint with our TAZ 2.1 and having really great results with it. It is nice to be able to monitor the printer remotely via web cam, upload prints, take time-lapse videos, etc. The software tries to calculate print times based on movement parameters in the settings, and it looks like the default settings aren’t quite matching to what the TAZ 2.1 actually produces. I’m trying to find out what the following settings might be for this printer:

Movement Speed X-Axis (currently set to 6000mm/min)
Movement Speed Y-Axis (currently set to 6000mm/min)
Movement Speed Z-Axis (currently set to 200mm/min)
Movement Speed Extruder (currently set to 300mm/min)

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Great tool though!

Hopefully one of the guys from the cluster will see this and answer. We are using Octoprint on 9 machines that we have outfitted with Beaglebone Blacks.