[SOLVED] New Mini2, need ocotopi settings please!

Hello, new owner of a Mini2, and would like to get this working with OctoPi. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty getting a few settings sorted out.

What are the appropriate values for the x, y, z axes? I see that on the spec page I should use 300mm/sec for the extruder. Defaults are:

X = 6000 mm/sec
Y = 6000 mm/sec
Z = 200 mm/sec
E = 300 mm/sec


The “fine print” on this page:

This information is used for manual control via the “Control” tab. It does NOT influence already sliced files that you upload to OctoPrint!

I left mine (for the TAZ 6) alone and haven’t had any problems. If you go to http://devel.lulzbot.com/software/Marlin/, open the folder for your version of firmware, and find the .config file for your printer / toolhead it should have the values you need. I’m guessing it should be:

#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {9000,9000,200,1000}

I’d recommend changing the E value to 150, otherwise the defaults have worked fine for me.

I experienced filament stripping when manually extruding in OctoPrint with the Mini 1 and the Hexagon hotend with it set to 300. 150 resolved the issue. I’m using an Aerostruder now (what the Mini 2 has) and have kept the setting. I’m printing TPU with it now and it has been extruding fine manually. I think 300 would be too fast.

Thanks for the help guys, the printer is working perfectly via Cura -> OctoPrint!