Octoprint: Raspberry Pi 3 or BeagleBone Black?

Curious to know which is better for running Octoprint, the new Raspberry Pi 3 or the BeagleBone Black? I have no experience with either, but i am a linux user and can find my way around a terminal prompt. The raspberry pi 3 is slightly cheaper and has built in wifi.

… and a pre-built image. I’d go with the Raspberry Pi 3.

Look for the Octopi nightly build which should work with the Raspberry Pi 3.

Pi 3 all the way. I have one running an Octopi nightly without issue. It takes about 10 minutes to set it up.

Some had said the pi 2 (or was it older?) were a little slow running octopi. But the Pi 3 seems to have specs that are pretty much the same as a beagle bone black and now has built in wifi as well as more usb ports (like a spot for a webcam). I decided on the Pi 3. I think i had already decided before i posted this topic, but i was just curious as to what others would say. Especially since Lulzbot uses a lot of beagle bone blacks in-house. I ordered from Sparkfun to help my somewhat local economy (plus it’s faster shipping). :slight_smile: