Opinions on why I have gaps and blobs?

I started using Lulzbot PLA 3mm filament this week - and the first few small prints worked really well - but I noticed - specifically on a recent print of multiple items in one print - that thre were top layer gaps, more bottom curling and general separation.
If you look at the image - the top layer seems to have been printed with gaps between lines of filament, and there is some buildup at the points where the extrusion head changes direction.
This was printed on a TAZ4 - 2.89 filament width (confirmed by measuring/averaging), 0.15 layer height, no changes to default speeds, 3 top layers, 65 degree bed (69 degrees on first layer), 185 degree hot end.
This is still my first few weeks with the printer (keeping a journal at mkrclub.com - but haven’t posted this one yet).
THANKS for any help or even opinions, since i’m still rather new at this.

UPDATE: I tried printing ONE at a time, and didn’t have most of the issues experienced with 4 up… Watching the print process, I think the 4-up method gives each one too much time to cool and dry between layers, so i get curling and some separation. With one at a time, i got perfectly flat bottom and only minimal top layer gaps (almost un-noticible, but there).

I may be able to give you a hand. It seems strange and some more info would be helpful. What is your esteps set to? what’s your slicing engine? Try changing to the fast or fine settings to see if you get similar outcomes.