PEI kit for Taz4

I’ve been coveting the PEI print surface since reading about it here. The issue has been that Amazon has been out of stock with the adhesive sheets, so I have been putting off the upgrade. Since reviewing the TAZ5 specs, I noticed the PEI bed is now standard and the hex nozzle has been added. I already upgraded to the hex nozzle, which has been amazing apart from some minor firmware issues. I am still wanting the PEI, but I was wondering if there are plans to release an upgrade kit directly from the fine folks at AO/lulzbot (my pref given the outstanding customer service) or if I should just look for another online source of the 3m adhesive. Any thoughts would be grand. Cheers!

You can actually use the 3M tape form of the adhesive. 1" wide works great and I assert it is MUCH easier to apply the tape and PEI than with a single adhesive sheet. I’ve done it both ways (something like 15 PEI installs altogether) and now only use the tape. Don’t let that hold you up from the wonders of PEI!

I believe that I read somewhere else on this forum that once they catch up with orders and have everything sorted out, they will be selling the PEI. So you can wait it out or just buy some rolls online.

Thanks for the insight.

Anyone have experience with this particular sheet of PEI? Thickness and size seem acceptable. I’ll give it a shot with the 3M tape and see how it goes

That is the same sheet that McMaster sells and is perfectly acceptable. It is glossy on both sides. I have ordered this exact sheet as well as the McMaster and they both work great.

I’d really like to find the source for the Amazon .03" PEI! I’ve contacted at least 12 vendors that carry PEI over the last year and they all have the .04" material. No one has the same stuff with the matte on one side. They must source it from somewhere!


I don’t know anything about PEI (or 3d printing for that matter, I just ordered a TAZ 5) but I do know McMaster-Carr.
I have called them on more than one occasion to ask about items not listed on their website (which is THE BEST website ever) and they have had what I wanted, and remind me that not everything they have is on their website. Hard to believe I know but they do have other inventory.

Anyway, long winded way of saying give them a call and ask for what you are looking for.


Thanks, I actually place several orders a week with MC for my reelmaking business. I’ve asked about .03" PEI and they can’t source it either. They are a great company and I give them a fair amount of business.


Which 3M tape did you end up using.


Amazon was out of basically every tape when I ordered so I got 3/4" x 5 yards. I prefer the 1" x 5 yards but I’ve used the 3/4" on several beds and it works fine.

3M 468MP - read my post here:

Thanks. I had followed that thread while it was developing. Just couldn’t remember where it was :wink:.


I’m expecting my PEI from McMaster to arrive today and I have the 3/4" tape. I’ll shoot photos of my TAZ bed modification so folks can see a rectangular install!