PETG "Scalloping" on edges

Picture says it. I’m working in S3D, its a large flat bottom planter, and I’m getting scalloping. Temps: 245 / 80 / Fan %60

Is this supposed to be solid first layers / infill? If yes, you are heavily under extruding, and check your z offset or z height. It may be off too.

Yup. 4 solid layers. I’ll check the under extrude. I know my extrusion multiplier is set to .97 currently. Do you think that would be enough to create this artifact?

Use extruder multiplier OR esteps calibration. As long as you don’t play with both values at the same time, you can use it.

0,97 says nothing. If your filament diameter or your esteps are off, it might compensate for that and everyhing is fine. If your esteps are calibrated and you measured your filament diameter precisely, than this should be 1. But in the end, only the result is intresting, not the values…