Taz 6 - Configuration Won't Save After Firmware Upgrade

For starters, I am saving the changes after making them. Configuration → Advanced Settings → Z offset/Esteps. Make the change. Then Configuration → Store Settings. The machine beeps; I assume to let me know that it saved. The changes are there when I restart the machine so they are being stored.

Recently decided to upgrade my Taz 6 extruder and print bed which required a firmware upgrade. The new extruder was having problems with the Z offset and Esteps, but no matter how I changed the values it wasn’t making the prints any better.

I tested the Esteps by running the extruder for 100mm and measuring the results. With the Esteps set to 830, 420, 379, 147, 10 I am measuring ~260mm of filament being pulled into the machine. The Z offset doesn’t appear to be making any change either, but I don’t have hard numbers I can share. At Z offset -1.27 and -0.40, I am seeing the same amount of contact with the print.

I don’t have a PC in the room with the Taz so I am using the Config on the machine to make these changes. All my prints are stored on an SD card using Cura Lulzbot Edition 3.6.23. My current theory is that something in the slicer is overriding the changes that I am making, but I wasn’t able to find any settings in Cura for Z offset or Esteps.

I have been trying to get the new extruder to work for a week now and I am really burnt out. It is very possible I missed something obvious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen strange behavior before if I didn’t reset the eeprom after a firmware flash. If you are using Cura to flash, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the firmware update screen, make sure it is checked. There might be a reset eeprom or similar menu item in the printer controller that will do the same thing.

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I am not sure what happened here, but it is working. I updated the first time(2 weeks ago) without the ‘Update eeprom’ checkbox checked. But since then I have updated 3 times with it checked. For some reason, the update today worked. I am now getting it to print just fine.

Only thing I did different today was switch the machine from the old extruder to the new and back to the old. And then update the firmware with the box checked.

Thanks @nopick! I owe you a beer.

That’s strange. I’m happy you got it running.