Possible Printer short circuit?

I am concerned that I may have short circuited my Lulzbot Taz Workhorse and seek your guidance. As a middle school student I enjoyed using my 3D printer to make masks for first responders at the beginning of the pandemic. I am in high school now and have a couple projects I’m working on.

I was trying to unclog the nozzle as we could not get filament to go through.and then, I tried cleaning the nozzle on the outside using a Scotch Brite pad. It worked well.

Then the heat block came loose so I bought some Loctite blue threadlocker that worked, as I was calibrating my printer.

I then tried to probe the four corners of the bed. It failed to probe correctly, the LCD screen said “probing failed please reset”. I was concerned the nozzle wasn’t tight enough, and did not make contact with the heat sink. So, my dad helped hold the heat block (while powered on accidentally) and accidentally touched the braided white wire with metal needle nose pliers at the same time I was planning to tighten the nozzle. While my dad held the heat sink touching the white wire, a spark came from the braided white wire and now the LCD is blank when I turn it on. Now the motor does not auto home or move at all.

Do you think I short circuited the printer? Or is there maybe a fuse that we blew? Thoughts?

There are replaceable fuses on the board, it wouldn’t hurt to pull them and check for continuity with a multimeter.

I got the printer working after charging the F3 fuse. Thank you.