preparing a new SD card

Neophyte question here. I’ve been printings some fun stuff, but recently encountered an issue where my prints would print about 90% and then just stop. Bed and extruder heat remained on, it was as if the print had been paused. I tried pausing and restarting, nuthin. I re-loaded onto the SD card, same thing.

I remembered reading somewhere that someone else had encountered this problem and had fixed it using a new SD card. So, I got me a new SD card, formatted it on my Mac and loaded the gcode file from S3d onto it… but the LCD on my Taz 5 does not see the card (I assumed software for reading the card was on the firmware on the LCD?). I’m guessing there is some type of software that needs to be loaded onto the SD card from Lulzbot, but I cannot figure out what that would be from my search of the Lulzbot site. Would someone please educate me or point me in the right direction?
thank you

Fixed it… my bad, had the SD formatted to FAT64 instead of FAT32. The 32GB is recognized now, fingers crossed that the fix is as simple as this and my print won’t stop after 90% done. For those of us who do not know what we’re doing, I guess this amounts to an SD card reboot.

Okay, the official diagnosis was “wonky SD card.” Reformatting fixed the pause issue and I am back in printing business. (Y’all can breath again) :unamused: