Print Detaches from Base During Operation


I have a Lulzbot Mini that I am just starting to use now, but am running into some trouble. I can get the print to start successfully (usually after working through several MinTemp errors), but then after several layers are deposited, the print becomes detached from the base. It slides around the base as the printer head is moving and completely destroys the print. Is this an issue of the bed not heating up sufficiently?



Bad adhesion can be lots of things. Pictures of the pre-failure prints, and the underside of the failed prints will help.

Commonly, it’s a bed that’s been touched by human hands, bad bed leveling (dirty nozzle), or Z offset too high or too low (pictures help with determining which). Sometimes it’s a bad model, or just poor placement for bed adhesion.

Temperature has a pretty wide usable range.

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback! I tried cleaning off the tray with rubbing alcohol, drying it, and then starting a new print. It was working well for about 75% of the job, and then the bottom came loose again and the same problem occurred. I have attached a picture of the bottom of the print, are you able to tell anything from it?

Thanks again!


Two things:

Your Z offset also appears to be about .05mm too close to the bed - the skirt is very wide and the spots marked in red do not have a consistent pattern. It’s not the real problem with this part though.

You do not have a truly flat bottom on your part. The spots in red are definitely making contact on the first layer, but the green section is one layer up. That’s why the skirt goes “through” the part where it’s marked in yellow.

If you move the part down in the Z axis by about .3mm, that will probably set it to have full contact on the first layer.