Print Head Lost Reference Taz 6

I had removed a plugged nozzle, and forgot about this before I had commanded it to go Home. It, of course, could not find a reference, so it smashed into the print bed and reference microswitch button. Now it will not auto-level, and does not appear to have a reference to location. This is an SE print head, and I don’t see a hot-end exterior wire like on the original print head. Thoughts? Help!

I’m going to assume you have the ability to send single gcode commands to the printer over the USB port and see the response. If you can capture the response text and post it here (using the </> icon above) that would help. If you don’t know how to do this, let us know and we can help. The gcode commands below will either have a grey background or are links to the Marlin documentation.

  1. Position the nozzle somewhere over the print bed. You can do this manually before you turn the printer on.

  2. (Optional) Send an M115 to the printer. Included in the response will be the firmware version.

  3. Send an M119 to the printer. The response should be all open. If so, continue.

  4. Send G28 X. This should move the tool head to the left and stop immediately. If the tool head doesn’t stop but attempts to keep going, turn the printer off.

  5. Send G28 Y. This should move the bed to the front and stop immediately. If the bed doesn’t stop but attempts to keep going, turn the printer off.

  6. Send G28 Z. This should position the nozzle over the switch on the side of the bed and lower the nozzle until it hits the switch and then stop. If the nozzle causes the bed to deflect, turn the printer off.

  7. Send G29 V4. The V4 parameter produces a lot of output. If the nozzle presses down on any corner causing the bed to flex downward, turn the printer off.

Report back with the results.

Thank you for your timely response. Unfortunately, this is a work printer, and my time spent on it is very limited. I am just now able to revisit.
Also unfortunate are my limited printing abilities. I haven’t been able to find ow to send g-code commands from Google searches/ Is this done through Cura? I apologize for my ignorance.

Thank you for your time!

It depends on what the printer USB cable is connected to but if that is the machine you run Cura on then yes, it is done through Cura. Open Cura and click on “Monitor”. On the right side of the window towards the bottom is an area labeled “Manual control” and under that buttons for Connect, Disconnect, and Console. Click on “Connect” and then click on “Console”. That will bring up a window with a text box at the bottom and a “Send Command” button. Type the commands I outlined and view the results. You may have to check “Show debug messages”.