Print head STL

I have looked but I have not be able to find this part. I need the part that is circled in red. Thanks!

The part is attached
beefy_extruder_idler_v0.4.stl (222 KB)
extruder_idler_v1.4.stl (92.3 KB)

Cody does anything need to be changed for the beefy idler?

Not that i know of. I haven’t had to replace my idler as of yet

Nothing needs to be changed or modified, I replaced the one on my mini with the beefy replacement and it worked great.

You need the new latch designed to be used with the new beefy idler. I don’t think the original latch was desingned/intended to be used with the new one.

Here’s the link to the beefy idler latch (attached as well):
beefy_idler_latch_v2.2.stl (149 KB)

FWIW you can use the old latch with the new idler, albeit it’s not a perfect fit. I’ve been running this way since at least the summer without issue. You are correct though that it was intended to be used with the new latch :slight_smile:

Didn’t even think to try but good to know. One thing I liked about the old setup was using the idler latch tension jig to make sure I had the spring tension always set correctly. Seem to be OK with the new one. Thanks