Print Quality Issue at Consistent Z Height

Good morning all,

I’m experiencing a strange regular issue with my prints that I have so far been unable to remedy.

At the same height on each of my prints (roughly 4mm from the build tray) I am seeing some strange texturing which is not present along the rest of the print. See attached photo.

I have attempted to clean my lead screws, and calibrate my Z axis, but so far this hasn’t worked to solve the issue.

I was wondering if anybody has seen a similar issue, or if they knew how to solve it.

N.B. I print in HIPS, and use an enclosure.



Looks like some combination of over-extrusion and starting to close to the bed.

What does the bottom of the print look like? Can you see the individual extrusion lines? If not, move away from the bed by changing Z-offset to start printing further away from the bed.

Have you calibrated E-Steps? That will help make sure you aren’t over-extruding. Search the forum, there are several posts explaining how to do check & adjust E-steps.

I had a similar issue once that I tolerated for months until I realized it was my enclosure. When I installed my enclosure it turns out I left a long bolt there that protruded into the x-axis motor every time it hit that specific height.

You say the issue is consistent, so use a ruler to measure the height at which the problem happens and watch for any contact between the tool head and the frame. That’s how I found my issue.