Print stopped and Firmware rebooted

I have Taz 4. About 8 hours into a print, my computer was asleep so I woke it up. This confused the Printer and it stopped printing altogether, within 30 seconds or so, the firmware rebooted and lost all state of the print.

I do print from the SD card; but I leave my computer (Windows 7) connected so I can set the temperature easily and raise the Z when something goes wrong (the on board screen doesn’t seem to allow me to raise the extruder that I could find).

Printer is now online.
echo:Marlin 1.0.0
echo: Last Updated: Sep 16 2014 10:02:38 | Author: (Aleph Objects, Inc, TAZ config)
Compiled: Sep 16 2014
echo: Free Memory: 3114 PlannerBufferBytes: 1296

Has anyone else seen something like this?

I always remove the USB cord and print from SD only. Especially for complex prints that could fail after many hours of printing. You can adjust the z from LCD screen. Just go to Prepare–>Move Axis–>Select a mm–>and select Z.

Mine only list x & y here. No z.

You should be able to use the Move axis > 1mm > Z axis to move that axis.

Can’t. Its not an option on my TAZ either. Can only move X and Y. On power up, my printer says its firmware is 2014Q3. Is there an update that will fix this?

I’ve had prints mess up 5 hours into a project, possibly due to contaminated filament. I plan to put a camera above my printer so I can monitor it after hours and remote into the PC that controls it if needed to stop a print that has gone haywire. Would like to see more reliable communications between the PC and the printer, or a printer with an integrated network card so it can be monitored directly.

Nct: confirm that you are selecting 1mm resolution from the menu, Z and extruder do not show up in 10mm for some reason, but they can be found in 1mm.

Yep, just learned that from Ray at tech support today! Came back here to point this out in case someone else was looking for it too!