Printer Connection

I haven’t used my Lulzbot Mini 2 in quite some time. I just downloaded the Cura software on my new computer. When I turn on the printer, the LCD screen is solid blue. I’ve checked the ribbon connections at both the LCD screen and also the board and everything is connected well. When trying to connect my computer to the printer, I get a message saying that it can’t connect. Here’s the printer control info:
[20:12:05] Attempting to connect to None

< [20:12:05] Trying to detect 3D printer on /dev/cu.usbmodem14401.

< [20:12:05] No 3D printers detected

< [20:12:05] Failed to find a printer via USB

I’m wondering if 1- the solid blue LCD screen could be interfering with ability of my computer to the printer. Or are the two issues independent from one another. No matter, it’s preventing me from using my printer so any help would be appreciated!