Printer continually wipes nozzle then fails


I have a new Taz Mini and am using IC3D PLA.

I am using the Cura LulzBot Edition connected to the printer via USB.

When I try to print, the printer fails during the leveling phase. The 1st and 2nd pad always work fine, but the printer fails on the third pad, returns to wipe and repeats this three times then fails. Once, it went ahead to the 4th pad before failing.

I have tried creating a new profile for the material and using 135, 140 and 145 for the wipe temp. There is no perceivable difference.

I also use a Taz6 with the IC3D PLA filament using the Verbatim material settings without ever seeing this problem.

Any ideas of what else I can try?

Check that the x-axis rods are parallel to the bed. If they are higher on the right, the first two washers (left washers) will work - but the downward limit will be exceeded on the right-hand washers, triggering a “rewipe” and eventually a failure.

Move the head down about halfway, turn off the printer, and measure distance from the bed to the lower X rod at left and right sides. Manually turn one of the threaded rods to get the rod parallel to the bed.

Then power up the printer and try another print.

That did the trick. Thank you.

I have a Taz 6 exhibiting this same problem. And the washer on the right is slightly higher than the one on the left. The threaded rods control the Z movement of the extruder, and I see I can turn them independently and manually. I’m trying to adjust that right now but wanted to confirm those are the threaded rods you mean.

Yes – the two threaded rods that move the extruder up/down. They normally move in unison and the x-axis rods stay parallel to the bed, but sometimes the get out-of-sync. With the printer OFF, you can manually adjust them to get the x-axis parallel to the bed.

With the Taz, you should first check that the frame is square. Instructions for that here: