Printer Head Size in Cura

I don’t seem to be able to fine these numbers anywhere…

Anybody got a clue what the correct numbers are?

For which printer? Cura LulzBot edition v15 or newer automatically sets these numbers for the Mini, but not the Taz.


OP - Did you purchase the .35 nozzle version or .5 nozzle version. Check your receipt.

The nozzles are usually marked / inscribed with a 3 or 5 also… look on the two flat sides of the nozzle.

I’m asking about print head size in cura. Not nozzle size.

I have an assortment of nozzles, but this is completely unrelated to the question.

Are you asking for the Hexagon hot end dimensions? I would guess a google would get you that info.

Like this>

This is required for printing multiple parts one at a time.

The link to and the published dimensions aren’t enough? Since you own a TAZ why can’t you just measure? It needs that info so when printing more than one object the software knows how much to allow for head movement. So if by default you entered too large a dimension the only harm would be?

If you have knowledge of a link of published dimensions why didn’t you post it ?

I can’t measure because I’m not at the same place as my printer often and haven’t had a chance. Often I print remotely. (I use astroprint)

I know what these dimensions are for. I just said it in my last reply in response to you’re talking about nozzl size for whatever reason.

If you aren’t going to be helpful, are just guessing answers, or don’t actually understand my question, please do not respond.

Again, my original post stated I could not find the head size measurements anywhere on the site or in the manuals. If you know where they are, please post the link.

wow… really? its christmas… go measure the print head… stop being lazy.

FWIW - See page 15 of your Owners Manual…

Ease up everyone. Take the bad attitudes elsewhere… Please!

I have used sequential printing successfully with the following settings on a stock taz 5. Use at your own risk and keep an eye on the printer. I guarantee nothing.


There is no information about this in the manual whatsoever. Pg 15 or otherwise.

If it was documented anywhere, I would not have asked this question.
If I hadn’t had to read through responses which had nothing to do with the actual question asked, maybe I would not have gotten upset, but people feel the need to respond even though they have NO CLUE what they are talking about.

It’s not helpful.

The print head size that I use is:

  • X Min: 20.0mm
    Y Min: 50.0mm
    X Max: 80mm
    Y Max 40.0mm
    Gantry Height: 35.0mm

Merry Christmas

That is pretty wildy different. Have you added to give yourself a buffer? Seems like a good idea.

I still don’t understand how this has not been discussed or documented before…

My numbers were based on inaccurate measurements and padded based on that lack of precision. I will be giving nopick’s values a try to get some of my build area real estate back. :slight_smile:

If your talking to me? I put the link my response, did you not see it? It was the actual published dimensions, sorry if you don’t understand. The Hexagon hot end is not proprietary to Taz and information is available like I said in a Google Search. Attitude is everything on a user Forum.

I’m sorry YOU don’t understand. This question is NOT ABOUT THE HEXAGON HOT END.

Please read the original question and relevant comments again.

I put in Nopick’s settings and have a batch print going now. Standby for results.

Its all a matter of learning the correct terminology. Filament comes out of the Hot End (print head) and is Printed on the Bed. Hexagon brand used by a lot of printer Mfg. Those I linked to are the only measurements you need. Your original question was not worded correctly enough for anyone to understand. Do a search on Amazon or eBay for 3D Printer head, and see what comes up. :bulb: