Printing on TAZ5 with TPU

Has anyone used TPU ( thermoplaastic poly urethane on TAZ5?

Yup! It will require our flexystruder for optimal performance.

We needed to tighten up the feed line through the extruder body to prevent it from bunching up on itself during extrusion. We have also found having a dedicated hot end for Flexible materials is preferred. (When NinjaFlex is combined with other filaments at high temp and pressure, it creates some new filament which is extremely difficult to purge.)

Hope this helps!

Do you have any profiles available for TAZ 5 and Ninjaflex for Simplify 3D?

As S3D is a proprietary program, we have no experience with it. I would recommend opening up Cura, loading in the NinjaFlex profile and manually transferring as many settings as possible. (No clue what S3D has, but some of them must transfer.) This will give you a good starting point. With a little trial and error, you should be able to fine tune a profile.