Printing on a taz 6 with large nozzle

I am interested to learn if anybody in this community has tryed lager than 1.2 mm nozzles. I am aiming to print possibly with a 2 mm nozzle but first of all I need to find who sell compatible nozzles of such diameter. Thanks in advance for any information.

You could upgrade to the M175 or the Meteor. Both have the Slice Mosquito hot end (it might be the Magnum - I can’t tell from the web store). The M175 uses the Bondtech BMG extruder while the Meteor is using the Bondtech LGX, which is a bit more compact and has presets to control the material tension. Those both use 1.75mm filament.

The Asteroid uses 2.85mm filament and sports the Slice Moquito Magnum+ which sports 2 50W heaters. Its paired with the Bondtech LGX.

I’ve used Magnum+ hot ends on the Modix 120X 3D printers I have at work and they can melt a lotta material!

Slice has a wide variety of nozzles that are pretty easy to change with their nozzle wrench. They sell nozzle as big as 1.8mm which I’ve used.

You’ll need to use the Universal Adapter which gave me some troubles on my Taz 6 but I got it working!

Hope this helps

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Hi you suggested to take a M175, I will need to use a universal Adapter with it? what problems you faced with the adapter?

I will need to know what series , model it is & what year it was manufactured

Mine had a wiggle wobble that I didn’t like.

I recently did a YouTube video on my upgrade which you can see here -

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A 175 v2 is a legacy model & second to the best of my knowledge is a 1/2 mm rated nozzle