Asteroid 285 - Magnum +

Go home LulzBot, you are drunk.

I mean, I run a Slice 2.4mm vase nozzle on my Meteor 285 and flow isn’t the issue. Not that I have encountered. What my issues are insufficient cooling on any vase mode print that has more than a 50% incline. The print will just collapse in that area, and this is at 15mm3 flow.

The max I can achieve before the extruder stepper skips is maybe 25, more likely 22-23 mm3.

Still buying it. And swapping the nozzle out for this:

Word of caution to anyone using this nozzle, you 1) must remove the wiper pads and 2) use the BL touch add-on and 3) lower the BL touch about 2 mm. Otherwise you will crash the nozzle into bed while leveling. Pretty sure I knocked the entire print head out of alignment on mine.

Just go 2.85 nozzle and you won’t even need a heater!

We may or may not have been working with Slice Engineering to manufacture that 2.4mm nozzle for use in the Asteroid…

So, I’m going to call into question Slice’s claims about 80+ mm3/s flow rate. I don’t know what conditions they got that flow rate, but I am presently getting 40 with a 2.4mm nozzle on the Asteroid. I am slowly ramping that up to see where it stops working. I understand marketing is mostly BS, but it would be nice to know what “typical” flow rates are possible at PLA temperatures. The 2.4 nozzle is challenging to get flowing initially - you have to do several slow purge lines at 20 degrees hotter and even then it will stutter a bit before it stabilizes. But the flow has to continue unabated (vase mode only) or it will clog.

You may need even more extruder power than you currently have. You may just be reaching the limit of the extruder, not necessarily the hot end. They may have just been quoting 80+ mm3/s as what it can thermodynamically transfer to PLA when the hot end is at 100% power use.

But definitely question what extruder they were using, and if they were using a specific high-speed PLA when they did it. I could just mount a couple of Nema 22 in a stationary jig attached to a pair of large gear extruders running in series to push the filament, while putting 100% power to the dual-cartridge hot end inside an enclosure being held at 200c and then just dial up the speed until something breaks and quote those numbers in marketing if I really wanted.

I mean, Lulzbot could have strapped a better extruder on it. They installed a Ferrari engine on a Pontiac Fiero.

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I thought the LGX was a pretty good extruder? I don’t expect that BMG is selling many of them, so maybe those custom 2.85mm gears just aren’t up to standard?

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