Printing with PETG, help me troubleshoot inconsistent layers

I am printing the box for a radio insert. Using Cura 4.13.0 Beta, profile IC3D PETg, with high detail. 235 temp. 1.75 filament, .5mm nozzle. The structure of the box seems very sound but what is causing the layering lines to appear. There is a little stringing happening but not terrible (I’ve seen much worse).

This printing is kinda fun, but knowing what adjustments to make for troubleshooting is not as fun. I was there was an online class about what to look for and adjustments to make for problems encountered.

Lulzbot 747 with M175 tool head BTW with a homemade enclosure.

Not much to go on with a single photo, or an idea of the actual part geometry.

But, it looks consistent enough that I suspect it’s the pattern of the infill showing through. For what looks like a thin part here, the best way to avoid that is to make the thickness of the part a multiple of your line width, and set the # of perimeters to that, such that you only have perimeter lines:

Instead of perimeter and infill:

If there is no infill at all, it’s classic ringing, caused by minor movements of the toolhead. I don’t believe the firmware for the Sidekick has input shaping available, so you can either recompile Marlin and enable it, or slow down.