Prob missing metal disc

I just updated firmware this afternoon. When TAZ 6 goes through the auto level when it gets to the front right metal disc to prob it, it misses it and the angled side of the head touches the metals disc.
Also when it touches the home button it is almost missing it.

I am using cura-lulzbot 3.6.31 with firm ware update

Out of curiosity, with in cura via monitor, I moved the center of the nozzle to approximately each one of the corners of the glass bed. Then I put a peace of paper between the nozzle and disc and moved Z down, in increments of (0.1) to the metal disc and stopped it once I could not move the paper. I did this at each corner.

This is the readings on the LED display at each corner.

      X -8   Y 288   Z 0.4                   X 291   Y 285 Z 0.5

     X -6   Y -10   Z 0.7                     X 292   Y -10   Z 1.8

To me this indicates that the bed is not square and parrel to the bars of the extruder and the bed is not level. I know how to fix the levelness of the bed (SOLVED: Taz 6 auto leveling is >0.5mm off (NOW PERFECT TO 0.01mm!) - #12 by JoeBowler300)

How do I square up and parrel the bed and is there a way to “0” the location of the home button? Maybe it will correct its self if the home button could be “0”?

I have also done this ( The frame is square.

Help please and thank you.

If the angle side of your nozzle is touching the side of the washer you probably don’t have the correct print head selected. I’m assuming. Check that first, validate your selection.

The post that you referenced about getting your bed level works with the console pop up interface in Cura, not the axis positions shown on the LED screen. The readout on the LED screen will round to the nearest 10th, the leveling procedure discussed in that post is to get you leveled to the nearest 1000th. The first 3 post in that thread is what you need to understand as a minimum. Then when you need to adjust the height of your bed to make it level you print off the shims with a real small layer height (like .05mm) and insert them under the rubber standoffs on the corner of the bed where needed to make your bed more level. Even better, get the metal spacers from McMaster’s car that @TheVirtualTim recently provided in that thread.

The missing of the disc just started to happen with the firmware update. The nozzle has never been changed on the machine since I have had it. Before this I have printed many items with the nozzle touching the disc.

Right, this firmware update supports multiple print heads. Now you must select your print head on the LCD screen and save it.

ok, how do I know for sure what print head it is? I looked at it I can not find any designation and I do not see mine for sale on the site any longer. Machine is a few years old, see attached photo if some one can tell by it, appreciate it.

That’s the standard print head that comes with the TAZ6 printer

I understand that, with the new firmware there are several choices so I would like to make sure it is correct. Is it save to assume Standard|0.5mm? Or should I just restore factory defaults. I do not want to mess anything up if I select the incorrect one again.

I have selected the Standard|0.5 mm and now the machine is loader than it was before and the green gear keeps clicking and appears to be running backwards. How do I remove this firmware upgrade and go back to the original firmware?

Manual firmware flashing instructions are here:

There is a version of the firmware. There was a recent change having to do with the stepper motor current that may be causing your gear clicking.

When I open Cura, the listed firmware indicates Where would be?

(I guess it would have helped if I saved the edit after adding the link)

Thank you, I will give that a try

oops didn’t mean to delete that. That did not work, I will create a new post with this issue.

One thing to consider is your X & Y endstop switches. I’ve had a cable or something block them. This throws off the initial homeing. Is your taz the origional Taz 6 with the 0.5mm nozzle?

Yes, it is the original Taz 6 with the 0.5mm nozzle.