Problem with graphic display.

Well, I’ve completed the construction of my Kittaz, and have flashed the controller. I also added the LCD display. However, when I power up, the display lights up, but nothing is displayed. Is there another flash procedure that needs to be done, or perhaps I have a misconnected cable, or may there be a fault with my display?

Oh, also, my kit was missing 4 5Mx14 screws and 2 5Mx14 thumbscrews. I was able to get replacements for the capscrews locally, but would it be possible to get the two thumbscrews?

Thanks in advance,


Did some checking and found that I had incorrectly connected the cables. I corrected the connections, and all is well with the graphic controller/display.


what display did you use? where did you get it?

lol you are no idiot and thanks for the reply, but no makes no difference, I have had it on for 24hrs without the tree in place and still the same