Replacement display for full graphic smart controller?

I want to see if I can purchase just the display for the TAZ 4/5 display. I am capable of replacing it but I can’t figure out exactly what part# it is or where to buy one.

Mine has had some issues (visibility) on the left hand side since it was a few months old but now that it’s 1.5 years old I can’t see the > mark that you use to select items in the menu.

I should be able to buy just the display for far less than the $69 they get for the controller, or at least I think I should be able to.

Anybody got a link to part #'s or better yet a source?


Mine has that same failure point if it’s any consolation. In likely the same exact spot. Heat from the SD card slot seems to be the main culprit near as I can tell.

You are looking for the “Full Graphics Smart LCD” origionally sourced from reprapdiscount, but probably available other locations as well. Makerstoolworks has them at the same $69 price point if you want a source that ships from the U.S. There are some ebay ones out there as well. Those $19 knock off ones might also work, it’s basically the same hardware, different board.

Yea I am just looking for the LCD not the entire circuit board.

Yea, this seems to be a common failure point on these.

Oh, just the LCD? Huh. I don’t know that part number. It’s a DOGM128 implementation of a white on blue 128 x 64 LCD. This one should work: which is a Vishay LCD-128H064A

OK, that helps a lot. I did not know it was a 128 x 64, looks like they are all over ebay for $10 and less.


OK found one that should work $10.89 with shipping.

This was a U.S. seller. I could get them from China for as low as $6 but I don’t want to wait 14-30 days.

Thanks again for the info.

You’re welcome, good luck with it!

Well forget the $10 ebay one, even though the pinouts are exact it seems something is different and it did not work. I could actually remove just the LCD glass and change it (I did save it) but I won’t try that until it’s much worse. It might be just the zebra strips are getting a bad contact in an area due to heat as well.

Huh. maybe it has a different interface chip? At least for $10 you aren’t out much.

Yea that’s what I am thinking. The chips are the cheap chip on board that are covered in epoxy (nothing you can change).