Pull my Taz 4 out of storage

I recently pulled my Taz 4 out of storage after a couple years. Cleaned it up nice and good, but I’m trying to figure out a couple things to get back into it:

  1. Are there any firmware updates I need to do since last using it in 4/2015?
  2. Can the stock nozzle print PETG?
  3. Is the Lulzbot Edition of Cura the way to go for slicing? If not what’s a good alternative to look into?

Thanks for any help

Congrats on waking your baby up from its slumber!

For now, run some test prints, and refer to the maintenance info in your manual to make sure it’s ship-shape.

Your Budaschnozzle should work well enough, but by upgrading that hot end and extruder to one of our newer tool heads and upgrading your PET film to the PEI film, you’ll have almost a TAZ 5. Use the TAZ 5 profiles in Cura LE (version 3.2.23+), but you may need to tweak some temperatures until you move to the newer hot ends and print surface.

Here’s a link to the legacy versions of Cura LulzBot Edition: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Cura/Packages/ Version 21.08 should work well for your current setup.