Question to the Lulzbot team

I’m trying to migrate more parts to FreeCAD (

Currently I’m working on Y axis end motor and Y axis end idler. I ran into an issue with the dimensions provided in the drawings.

Eg. in PP-FP0016 the arc center is 104,25 + 14,9 (lower arc high point) which is not equal to R200. I see this problem with all dimensions of the arcs. Am I missing something?

Thanks for replaying! :slight_smile:


You should ask Gemini64, or perhaps there is something useful in this thread:

Thanks for the link! But this part was last used in TAZ 2 I think. It’s out of date ;(


Here’s the answer from R+D:

Taking a look at the front view on the drawing in the upper left,
here is what the drawing describes.
The 14.9 mm dimension on the left is the tangent point of the top of
the R200.0 mm arc. As is the 55.0 mm dimension for the R230.0 mm arc.
Those dimensions set the location of the arcs in the up and down
The 2X 104.25 mm dimension in the middle of the bottom of the part is
the left to right location of the arcs.
The two arcs don’t actually share a center point vertically although
they are on the same relative dimension left to right.

Hope this helps!

thank You very much. That did the trick! :slight_smile: