Migrating parts to FreeCAD

in this thread I’m going to add parts migrated to FreeCAD.

I hope these files can be useful to some people :wink:

FreeCAD version 0.16.5154. OCE 6.9.0.

Printable parts 1:

1. Y corner right V1.2

2. Y corner left V1.2

3. Y motor mount V2.4

4. Spool arm V2.0

5. Y bearing mount V2.6

6. Feed tube spinner V1.0

feed_tube_spinner-V1.0_fc0.1.FCStd (79.6 KB)
y_bearing_mount-V2.6b_fc0.1.FCStd (261 KB)
spool_arm-V2.0_fc0.2.FCStd (62.9 KB)
Y_motor_mount-V2.4_fc0.2.FCStd (331 KB)
Y_corner_right-V1.2_fc0.3.FCStd (219 KB)
Y_corner_left-V1.2_fc0.3.FCStd (252 KB)

Printable parts 2:

7. Fan mount 3

8. Double bearing holder V2.0

9. X carriage V2.0 (ported from STL)

10. X carriage guide V1.0 (ported from STL)

x_carriage_guide_V1.0_fc0.1.fcstd (51.9 KB)
x_carriage_V2.0_fc0.1.fcstd (750 KB)
double_bearing_holder-2.0_fc0.1.fcstd (199 KB)
fan_mount_3_ss_fc0.5.FCStd (1.33 MB)

Semi-printable parts:

1. Frame connector V2.0

frame_connector_V2.0_fc0.2.FCStd (24.2 KB)

Non-printable parts:

1. 300mm bed mount plate

2. Y axis end idler

3. Y axis end motor

4. X end plate

5. LCD cover back

6. LCD cover front

LCD_cover_front_revA_fc0.1.fcstd (31 KB)
LCD_cover_back_revA_fc0.1.fcstd (82 KB)
X_end_plate_revA_fc0.1.FCStd (113 KB)
300mm_bed_mount_plate_revB_fc0.2.FCStd (109 KB)
Y_axis_end_motor_revC_fc0.1.FCStd (30.8 KB)
Y_axis_end_idler_revC_fc0.1.FCStd (32.4 KB)

Non-printable parts 2:

7. Electronics enclosure

8. Electronics cover

enclosure_sheet_metal_revC_fc0.2.fcstd (686 KB)
electronics_cover_revA_fc0.1.fcstd (189 KB)

Added feed tube spinner, 300m bed mount plate and frame connector.

Added updated frame connector and bed mount plate - V0.2

Added fan mount 3.

Added Y axis end idler, Y axis end motor and X end plate.

Added double bearing holder, LCD cover back, LCD cover front, electronics enclosure and electronics cover.

Added X carriage and X carriage guide. Parts ported from STL.

Maybe I am old fashioned but doesn’t posting these files make it easy for the Chinese or folks in India to start making cheap copies to sell, putting yet another good US company under the knife so to speak?


these files are available at download.lulzbot.com and devel.lulzbot.com. But they are in pdf, stl and solidworks formats. They were uploaded by the LulzBot team. So making a clone is not a problem. Even without these files cloning wouldn’t be a problem I guess.

Not every (most?) hobbyist can afford buying such an expensive program as solidworks. So if you want to mod your printer it is easier to use an open source program to do so. That’s why I have ported these files to FreeCAD. To give something back to the great community.


P.S. The TAZ design is open source as well.

Nevermind, someone taught me how to import and convert an STL to a shape. Very cool!


Can you please add the rest or at least extruder_mount_hex.stl? These are perfect for the conversion I am working on.



here is previous (?) version in FreeCAD:
Extruder_Mount v1.2.FCStd

With a little work it could be converted to extruder_mount_hex.