Auto level not working.

My Taz6 for work for some reason has stopped auto leveling before prints. It touches the home 2-3 times and goes right into printing. My bed is not leveled and causes the right side of my prints to not stick well to the bed. I have tries manually adding “G29 ;auto level” in the start gcode and it still does not make a difference.

Please help. Thanks

This sounds like it could be an issue with corrupted firmware. Have you upgraded or changed software recently? Have you tried flashing your firmware to make sure that it is correct?
If you update Cura recently you may need to clear your computers cache. Then readd your printer and reflash your firmware this will make sure that the new firmware is transfered correctly.



If you switched software try going back to Cura and see if the problem persists.

Thank you for reaching out. I have not updated the firmware. I just got the responsibility to manage the printer about 2 months ago. I will upgrade that as soon as possible and see if that fixes the issue. I will keep you posted. Again, thank you very much for the help.