Replacement Nozzles for Meteor 2.85mm

Hello, are all Slice Engineering nozzles compatible with the Meteor 2.85mm? LulzBot indicates that it’s a “MicroSwiss Nickel-Plated Brass” nozzle, but that can mean many different thread pitches (granted, probably M6) and lengths. MicroSwiss does make a nozzle described as compatible with Slice Engineering 1.75mm hotends–is that the nozzle that I want, despite it being a 1.75mm one rather than 2.85mm?

Lulzbot’s page also indicates that they will soon be releasing a nozzle pack for the Meteor 2.85mm–that will be nice.

Yes, they’re pretty standard.

Mosquito 2.85 mm Hotend for 3D Printers | Slice Engineering

  • Compatible with RepRap style nozzles (M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length)

I will also note that I used a 1.75mm Slice Engineering Vanadium nozzle in my home machine with 2.85mm filament for quite a while with great results. I also was using a 1.75mm Slice Engineering Bridgemaster in my work machines with 2.85mm filament as well. This was with a Titan Aero extruder, so definitely nowhere as good as the LGX in the Meteor. The Slice nozzles are tapered nicely and I never had issue with them. I only removed the one at home because I got a test sample DiamondBack 2.85mm nozzle to compare. DiamondBack (ChampionX) either has or will soon have the 2.85mm nozzles available if you contact them directly. It’s awesome, but pricey.