rod tilt?

after doing all I could no matter how much I shim the right front up it always comes back the same …lower then the others! I’m thinking the smooth travel rod is tilted down a little…also one foot on the ‘y’ travel carriage (the right front foot) does not even touch the floor (table top) by apx 1.5mm why is that? if everything is all the same that foot should be down…support says it doesn’t matter but everything matters why is it so much higher then the others? something is not right! …I took all my previous shims off and started a bed level from scratch and here I sit…I’m going to my machinest to see what we can

The feet aren’t low enough to touch. The explanation I got when i asked about it was that it is a feature designed to let the taz sit on a non level surface and that they are more just outriggers to prevent tipping. The issue is present on the 5 as well. To fix it, you can add washers under the flex feet with a longer m3 bolt to hold it in place.

The extrusion are 20mm wide, the distance from the extrusion to the table should be 20mm plus width of the feet on the main frame, but it ends up being 19mm plus feet width for some reason.

sure you can do that but that’s not right and it should not be that far off if the machine is assemble correctly… no reason for that!