Running Software on a Raspberry Pi

Has anyone tried running the Linux versions of Slic3r and Pronter on a Raspberry Pi? I’d like to set up a dedicated workstation to interface with a TAZ and that would be a pretty inexpensive way to go if it would work.

Wired had an article about one using a raspberry pi and a touchscreen a while back. It’s got the code for the touchscreen there as well. Never tried it myself though.

I run my TAZ off my Pi running OctoPrint ( - it works great. It is essentially a web-based Pronterface equivalent. The Cura slicing engine is integrated with OctoPrint as well (although that may not be in the “official” release yet), so technically, OctoPrint can slice as well if you really want to slice on the Pi.

I haven’t tried Slic3r or Pronterface on my Pi since running a desktop GUI on the Pi is painfully slow. Honestly, I can’t imagine Slic3r would run well on a Pi (it may run, but I imagine the slicing speed is glacially slow).

I’d highly recommend you give OctoPrint a shot just to see if it’ll accomplish what you want. If you have a spare SD card, you can just grab the OctoPi distribution here:

That gives you a fully working & configured OctoPrint image so you don’t have to mess with any of the initial setup hoops.

  • Adam