Sidekick 289 first layer

Hi I recently purchased a used sidekick 289. It had some issues with the BLtouch. I replaced that and now I can print. I’ve been having some issues with the first layer. I’ve tried adjusting the z offset as it’s printing. It seems to me that it does ok in some spots but not others. Any advice on what to do?

The lines have vertical ridges, so your nozzle is a little close to the surface. Z offset needs to be increased a bit, like 0.10mm, but that’s a rough guess from one picture.

I was thinking that as well. As far as I can tell though on the lcd screen it only lets you change by .25mm. I wanted to split the difference because one was to close and one was to far. I downloaded prontoface but couldn’t find the correct code. These dice are also elephant footing and not sure if that’s part of this issue or a separate issue.

LCD screen should be changing by 0.025mm increments.

Yes sorry you are correct. I did some smaller first layers test and I don’t remember currently without looking but if set it the one increment of .025 it seemed to high and the other to low. I will share the measurements and results when I can .