SideKick via Octoprint: Multi-instance Connection Setup

We recently bought a new SideKick 747 as a possible farm printer. However, I’m not able to pull a serial number from it to connect my multiple-instance Octoprint via udev rules. Any ideas?

I am not familiar with your set up, are there any resources you can provide so that I can catch up?

Hardware: RPi 3B+
OS: Octopi 0.18
Application: Octoprint 1.6.1

I’ve been running multiple instances from one pi, as shown by Chris using /udev/99-usb rules. Worked like a charm for our Mini2 and Workhorse, but trying to add a new Sidekick747 has me befuddled. When I read the cat messages on the pi (according to instructions in Chris’ document) I fail to read SideKick-specific attributes or serial number. I’ve heard the SideKicks might not be Octo-friendly; however, since I am learning by doing so I might just be doing something wrong.

I haven’t experienced this issue personally, and from what I can tell there haven’t been any adverse reaction with SideKicks and Octoprint. If you don’t mind sharing where you hear that they might not be that would be greatly appreciated. I was able to see info related to the board inside the sidekick 289 when viewing the messages. I would start from scratch and make sure you are not missing a step.