Sketchup model scaling

Hi all, first post:

I tried searching for this question, but I didn’t come across it, so hopefully I’m not repeating an existing topic.

I have not received my TAZ yet, but I have started modeling/downloading to get prepared for when it arrives. I am using Sketchup 2013 because I have some experience with the program from some years ago. My issue is that imports from STL format are not coming into the program at the correct size. I have tried to import with the template set to mm, m, and feet and inches, but in all cases they are scaled roughly 25 times larger. I think it may have to do with the conversion from mm to in being 25.4, but why would this happen even when the template is set to mm?

Even when I scale it down in Sketchup, then export it to a STL format, then re-import it into Sketchup, it is still the wrong size.

I appreciate the help. Also does anyone has any programs that they suggest using, and why?

Are you using the JF (Jim Foltz) plugin to import?

If not, I recommend that one. When you go to import, click on options when the file menu opens, and select millimeters. Mine is always defaulted on millimeters, but unless I still open that dialog box, it won’t import correctly.

Thanks renesis.

Yes, I was using the Jim Foltz plugin, but I may not have noticed the option on the right, when importing an STL file, to select the units. From what you are saying, I have to select that dialog box every time, or else it will not work. That’s excellent advice for any Sketchup user, and something they should explain somewhere in the plugin. I have my TAZ 2 and I’m ready to go!