SL .25 toolhead and nylon filament

I am currently using a SL .25mm toolhead, and I have been tasked with a print using Nylon. Has anyone had any success printing nylon using a .25mm toolhead?

Important to print using an enclosure. It’s sensitive to drafts. Best to dehydrate the spool of filament beforehand!

I currently have an enclosure and a dehydrator. A few of the problems I keep running into is clogged nozzle or filament will stop moving and get dug into. Have tried different temps and speed to resolve the issue, but still continues to happen. Larger nozzle size(.5mm or .8mm) I do not seem to have this issue.

Rule of thumb for polyamides is slow and hot! I am building with Taulman 645 right now at 255°C and 10mm/sec. I’ve been building with over a dozen different types of polyamides for over 10 years now on many different machines, and never needed an enclosure.

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