Workshop Lulzbot Taz 5


This is my first time posting but i have been lurking and reading tons of posts and ive really learned alot about this printer. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the helpful info ive learned these past few months. i work in the r&d dept for a dental office products manufacturer and this printer was sitting in an poorly built cart for the last 5 years and 3 of which i have been working for them. i guess they had tried getting it setup to prototype some parts but they were having issues with it and abandoned this printer and picked up a markforge one instead. a few months ago i took it upon myself to try getting it up and running again and try to fix the problems they had. after reading up and i found piercet’s openrails mods i decided to start with the x axis and replace the pei sheet on the bed. i have already ordered the parts for the y axis but im waiting for it to be delivered. i also have built an enclosure for it. Here is a pic of the setup. im a new user so i could only post one pic but i have uploaded them to my imgur.

I have just finished getting it all assembled and i ran the calibration stl file but tomorrow will be the first stress test after doing the upgrades i made to the machine. so once again id like to say thanks to everyone one the forum. this whole process these last few months of upgrading the machine and building the enclosure for it has made me want to buy a 3d printer for myself. obviously id love to own a taz for myself, i just cant afford one in that price range at the moment.

Wow … nice job. :+1: Good luck on your stress test.