Sox Cosplay & Props (Stuff I print)

Hey everyone - The girlfriend and I are cosplayers (adults who dress up like video game/movie/television characters for no reason at all) and we use a TAZ to print some of our costume parts. I’ll use this thread to showcase some of our prints and answer any questions you guys have

Up First! Rubick (DotA 2 hero):
(Facebook album:

The mask was a bit too large for the z-axis of the TAZ, so we split it up (we often do this because our prints are big)

I “weld” the seams together using a soldering iron. The mask is PLA so it melts easily. Keeping the “seam” on the inside gave it plenty of strength without messing up the outside finish.

Several coats of filler-primer and sanding later:

Black glossy, 1st coat I think:

Finished with Paint:

And at the convention:

And the actual character for reference:

Very nice, thanks for all the detailed photos. :slight_smile:

If you ever run into a Batman with a nice EMP Gun at one of the conventions, I made a few with my 101 and TAZ. Only the handle is not printed. :mrgreen:

Very nice indeed!

That looks quite nice, especially the smooth finish. What do you use for filler? Do you do any other smoothing to the PLA before filling?

Thanks guys!

Our process is pretty simple… We take the prints off the bed and do obvious support material removal by hand, and then with tools if necessary. Then we coat everything in wall spackle or wall-filler. Then we hand sand. Then filler-primer spray.

Things should be pretty smooth by then, and the filler primer does a great job of “highlighting” anything that still needs attention. I also encourage huge overspray with the filler primer when things won’t behave. Drips sand off very easily… I buy the stuff 2-3 bottles at a time :slight_smile:

do you find the wall filler to be quite durable or does it seem like something that could easily be chipped out later? thanks! id like to try something like that myself. i always seem to still have the print lines pop through my paint at the end.

Epic prints, sox! You all should check out sox on Facebook too, there’s a lot of great content on there:

Andy W this is really cool, did you see RevolutionDesignFX’s post in the other thread ( You guys should team up :slight_smile: I’m going to PM you, we’d love to highlight both your prints on our blog in a Batman-themed post.

I’ll admit, I felt like a moron the first time I did it. I’ve got this big tub of the purple (dries white) stuff, and I dip my finger in and smooth it across every surface I need to take care of. Then I start with 150grit sand paper by hand or on a mouse sander: (just an example, I use a Ryobi one).

I’ll sand it down until almost all of the filler’s gone, then move to a spray filler-primer and patch up any areas that don’t look good.

We’re mid-process with the girlfriend’s next costume pieces (including a ~1m “sword”), I’ll put up some progress photos soon.

what is the brand of spray filler-primer do you use?

Rust-Oleum, baby!

We get it at home depot, usually 3 cans or so at a time. They must think we huff paint…

shudder I had a photographer come up to me at a con when I was wearing Rubick. He says “Wow, that’s an awesome mask! Is it real?” and FLICKED my mask right on the forehead. It was fine! I think the hardness comes from the paint - I’ve never had an issue with chipping.

Well done!!

Wow great job. Did you model this yourself, or did you find the plans online?