Splitting ABS on square corner boxes

Hey guys,

I’ve been using ABS with great success over the last year but I’ve always struggled with boxes I print. Please see the attached files:

Things I’ve tried:

  1. I turned the nozzle fan speeds down in expert mode from 40/60 to 40/40…perhaps in this case I don’t need them at all?

  2. I have an enclosure over my printer to try to trap some heat

Things I’m curious if they’d help:

  1. Turn off nozzle fan completely

  2. Increase nozzle temp from 240C to 245C to try to increase layer stick

  3. Decrease layer thickness from 0.25mm to something like 0.1mm


Housing.stl (253 KB)

Increase the extrusion temp - it will help layer adhesion.

A little fan should be fine especially if you end up increasing extrusion temps. The will help prevent deformation (ie holes which should be circular becoming oval) due to the higher extrusion temps.

Layer height might help also, but would increase print times… this would be the last thing I’d try.

I have had better luck turning the fan off. When printing a box, the filament usually has plenty of time to cool without the fan and the slower cooling time helps reduce the temperature differential induced delamination.