Squeak turning into a Screech?

Hi, folks,

Got my Lulzbot Mini yesterday; ordered it after seeing it at TinkerMill last week. Very, very happy with it so far, but I’ve noticed that it occasionally emits a very loud squeak like a bird-chirp, especially when moving diagonally. I’m unable to locate the exact source of the squeak. Print quality is fine, but still, I worry about it making this sound. Should I?

Check the pulleys on the motors. Make sure they are not rubbing against the motor housing and that they are tight.

Taking a video of the sound in question would be quite helpful.


It might be a fine dust on the steel rods and thus as it moves diagonally it squeals. You might try taking a clean dry cloth to the rods and see if it returns after a little while.

I’ve cleaned the steel rods with the appropriate cloth, and it’s still squeaking. I’ve narrowed the source of the sound to the back of the machine and on the Y axis bars. The weird thing is, sometimes it will be quiet for hours, and then carry on squeaking again. I shlepped it to TinkerMill and it squeaked all morning and was quiet all afternoon–then carried on squealing again once I got it home. It’s printing just fine! It’s just driving me nuts.

Take a video and sent it to Lulzbot support. They’ll help you out in no time.


Here’s a video of my Lulzbot Mini chirping. The cats have given up trying to find the bird in it.

What I know about the squeak from various observations:

-the squeak originates somewhere under the bed on the Y axis, probably the rails. I’ve wiped down the rails with a dry microfibre cloth and this has made no difference.

-it doesn’t squeak reliably. On some models, it doesn’t squeak at all.

-in this example, there is no squeaking when printing the front set up uprights; it squeaks only when printing the back two. It squeaked printing the back base as well.


Any update on this? I am seeing a similar issue on my mini, but on the z axis. Fortunately this is only when doing fast z moves so it only happens at the beginning and end of a print. It can get pretty loud though. Like yours, it does not do it all the time. Maybe 1 in 10 prints it will screech like a banshee when homing the z after a print.

I don’t have a recording of it, it happens infrequently and I am not normally ready to record it on time. I should just play around moving the z manually from CURA and see if I can repro it that way. Such a minor issue I have not taken the time yet.

Is there some grease or lube I could put on the rod or the z axis threads?


Try that. Have been using it for years on a variety of 3D printers, and never heard the kind of squeaking described in this thread. Actually, the linear bearings seem to last much longer too.

Thanks! Heading to home depot for some paints today anyway!
Would you suggest this on the rod, on the thread, or both?

She used steel wool on the rods if I remember correctly. you do not use anything for the polymer bearings. The threaded rods use white grease.

Have used this grease on both threaded rods and smooth rods. Seems to work well with the polymer bearings, as well as ball bearings.