Strange Slic3r results

OK, here’s another question; Why am I seeing results like this; Large fill pattern that seemingly is pushing beyond the parameters in the larger gear housing?

Config. attached

EDIT: OK, changed the first layer from .22 (same as default for model) to .35. That seemed to “fix” the slice preview. Weird.
Slic3r_medium_PETG_no-support_pt50nzl_pt22layer.ini (3.46 KB)

Slic3r has some nasty known bugs at the moment, you found one of them… :frowning:
You have some possibilities to work around this one:
.) Try to disable the detect thin wall feature (in Layers and perimeters)
.) Try to change the line widths (in advanced), or if you have set them to 0 (=automatic) fix them all to about 1.2*nozzle diameter. Try to lower the values a little bit to increase the gap between perimeters for infill.
.) Try to set the perimeters count to 1.

If you can’t get a good result in the preview, choose Cura for this special case. I’m also using Slic3r, but due to some bugs I also have to use Cura in special situations.
I hope alexrj is back to his Slic3r project in near future! :blush:

I just tried slicing the default 5 gear bearing with my slic3r profile on the latest slic3r engine, and it shows up fine under my older copy of repetier host. Maybe its a graphics glitch?

I edited the original message, but will repeat here:

I changed the first later from .22 (which is the default height for my layers) to .35. That seemed to clear up the glitch. Weird.

No glitch, a real bug. Playing with the parameters as you did can work around it,it happens at special combinations.