Supports for 28mm Miniatures

I have a Lulzbot Mini and I use Cura. My goal is to print 28mm tabletop miniatures (mostly for my D&D game)

I’m curious about support settings. I try to avoid supports but when I do use them they are terribly difficult to remove. So what is your strategy for supports for 28mm models?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

I’d try to avoid using the supports if I could :slight_smile:

If you do need to use support for these kinds of prints, then I would recommend changing the Support Z Distance a bit. As a standard it is usually set at a .1mm, but I have found that I can still get really good results with a .15 or even a .2mm setting. I also like to use a 15% support density for just about everything. I have found that these have worked well for most prints, even small, detailed prints.