Taz 1-6 Y motor upper bearing shaft protector anti break thingy of doom

Now that I have a Taz Y axis belt tensioner (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1656341) it occurs to me that the amount of strain on the main shaft, coupled with potential deflection from the anti vibration damper, could lead to a shaft breakage at some point. it also occurs to me that there is plenty of room above the motor mount to put something there to take care of that problem. So, here it is. Using a 14mm dia x 5mm thick x 5mm shaft 605ZZ bearing, I’ve created essentially a support “hat” that fits over the motor mount. This will fit stock Taz’s of all types including the 6 with the stock mount. it will require slightly linger M3 bolts.

I also decided to tinker with the Motor mount, which has historically been one of the least tinkered with pieces of the Taz, mainly because it works really well. I added some plastic around the middle hole to strengthen it, narrowed the M3 bolt holes for tighter allignment to center, reinforced the side plates, removed 1mm worth of the mount surface itself (the reinforced smaller hole should have about the same mass, and this assumes you are bolting an anti vibration mount in line which will add back some flex strength there too) added some fillets, and added a lower mount point on either side of the side plates to fit a future cable cover thing that doesn’t yet exist. The new mount takes 2 additional M3 heat set inserts in addition to the standard M2 ones for the limit switch. The motor mount will NOT work on a Taz 6 (1-5 only). The bearing support cap still will though.

Taz_Y_Motor_Mount_2_4_alternate_1_0-a.stl (310 KB)
Taz_Y_Motor_Mount_Cap_1_0_a.stl (311 KB)

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How many mm of the shaft should be sticking out from the Pulley?

For this to be usable, a minimum of 2mm, ideally 4mm or more. Anything less than 2 and the bearing isn’t really going to be doing much.

The bearing at the top kind of defeats the purpose of the damper on the motor to not transfer motor noise. YMMV.

The bearing constrains motion in the XY direction, but still allows the damper to work in the Z axis just fine. It still seems to reduce noice quite well, I notice no difference in sound with the hat installed or removed, with the bearing in or not in. You can always install a second damper between the hat and mount and get a longer shaft motor if you are worried about it, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue because the damper can still absorb vibrations by moving in Z, and more importantly the rubber material is still in between the motor body and the motor mount,m which is where 85% of the noise transfer takes place.

If you’re going to fit this without the damper to a TAZ6 you’ll need a 6mm spacer and 4 M3x20 socket head screws.
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