Taz 3 rebooting when connecting to Pronterface.

This is my first time on the forum here so hopefully I’m doing everything right.

Anyways, I haven’t used my Taz 3 in a while as levelling the bed frustrates me everytime, so I decided I’d used pronterface to make my life a little easier.

However, when I go to connect the Printer, hitting “connect” only causes the printer to reboot.
On my PC, the logs show that the Port “COM3” was denied access, so I pulled it up on my macbook where I have used Pronterface before without trouble, but alas the same issue.

I haven’t updated the firmware since i got it late in 2013, but I don’t think that would matter for just connecting, as well as I’m not using the cable that came with it, although that should be irrelevant as well.

Any suggestions/fixes would be greatly appreciated!

Can you bring the printer up to temp when not connected to the computer through USB, just using the Graphical LCD controller? Do you have the driver installed and does the TAZ show up under device manager without the yellow icon?