Taz 4 Hot end wood material

What type of wood is used in the Taz 4 extruder assembly that can withstand those temperatures? Mine cracked when the hot end got clogged and it tried to force the material through. It’s the piece of wood just above the hot end that the screws go through to secure the assembly together and it has 3 cutouts for routing the wires from the hot end. I’m trying to repair but not sure what type of wood would be appropriate for this application.

Hello SirKri5,

Are you talking about this one : https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/budaschnozzle-upper-wooden-plate

Looks like ITworks still has some.


It would be worth your time in my opinion to upgrade from the buddaschnozzle to a hexagon. in most cases it’s a dramatic improvement. The one gray area being flexible fillaments.