TAZ 4 upgrade to flexy dualie hexagon

Two questions:

  1. I have a TAZ 4 and am looking to purchase the V2 of the Flexy Dualie when it is available. Other then the hot end itself will I need any additional items, I have seen references to the bed clips needing to be replaced etc.

  2. Is there a release date for the new version Flexy Dualie yet?


If you buy the V2, it should come with the bed clips.
For a Taz 4, you will need to run the additional fan wires for the hexagon cooling fans if you haven’t already (the required always on barrel cooling fan, not the filliament cooling wires that were installed when you got your Taz 4)

Here is a good guide showing where the wire needs to go. https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz4-hexagon-toolhead/accessories/
I’m assuming the V2 toolhead uses a Y splitter and splits off that 5 volt header to power both barrel cooling fans. It’s possible that there might be a second wire you will need to run that I don’t know about. Either way you should anticipate having to adjust some of your wireing harness to make this work.

  1. I believe you will need to add the fan wires for the second extruder connector.

  2. Soon - I hope. :slight_smile:

Thank you both.

I will check out the guide.

Any additional information on the release date is still welcome!