TAZ Workhorse Problem

My school recently purchased a TAZ Workhorse that has worked great. About a week ago I turned it on and tried to do a filament change. When it got to heating the hotend it began making a rapid then constant beep like a hospital monitor flat linning (sorry about the gruesome description but it is the most apt I could come up with. It homes and moves in each axis fine. Just seems to be the hotend or extruder. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

You can contact support if it is still causing an issue. Does it still beep? Were you able to finish the filament change? I know there is a beeping sequence in the filament change to let you know that it is ready to remove and replace filament. What did the monitor say?


Thank you for the reply. No, I am not able to complete a filament change or anything that heats up the hot end. It does a rapid beep and then constant- like a flatline on a hospital monitor. The screen also goes blank with a greenish light.

I think the best course would be to contact support and give them as much information as possible.

I’m also adding in a link for the build instruction for the workhorse (https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/taz-workhorse/ ). The information on the toolhead is also on this website. I would look to make sure that everything is connected correctly. If you don’t already have one a multimeter is a good tool to diagnose connectivity issues and may be useful for your situation.

Thank you. You were spot on.