TAZ 5 Control Board Upgrade?

Hello everyone, I was gifted a Taz 5 and 6 to get back in operation. While doing research on they are a bit dated. I would like to upgrade to 32bit / 2209+ and wondering if any of you have already gone through a control board upgrade. Which board did you go with? and hic-ups along the way?


I went with the BTT Octopus board w/2209s.

Converting the connectors and extending is the most time-consuming part. If doing it over again, I would have skipped most of that by doing the Biqu Hermit Crab fast-change toolplates at the same time, since the toolplate kit comes with a wiring harness that easily goes from the toolhead to the control board, so you avoid adding/extending wires for the bed leveling sensor, filament runout sensor, extruder motor, thermistor, heater block, part cooling fan, heatbreak fan. Plus, the added advantage of a more rigid connection than the single screw and wedge design of the standard toolplate on the Taz 5/6.

With the physical changeover done, it’s your choice to do Marlin or Klipper.

To spiral it out a bit more, if you’re doing the hermit crab… well, you might as well swap to linear rails too, right?

Pretty soon, you realize that you spent enough to buy a decent modern machine… but at least this one you know inside and out. Or so I hear.